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 Early Childhood Department

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   ACA's Early Childhood Department services students from ages one to five years. Our program welcomes students of all backgrounds. We focus on each child's needs and development based on their level of learning. Our one to two year old room centralizes language development and sensory learning. Our teachers train students to walk, speak, potty train, as well as praise the Lord on the daily basis.

  PRE-K3, our three year old classroom, hones in on language development, character development, and social- emotional awareness. Biblical principles are integrated into every aspect of their day educating children on how to treat one another, walk in obedience, and understanding. We have a hands- on curriculum that utilizes free choice play to enhance their learning. Through free choice play, students are able to choose how literacy and mathematics are essential to them.

  Our Preschool program, PRE-K4, is a more structured environment where they enjoy learning centers. Our students use Abeka curriculum, a bible based educational program, to learn phonics and math. As we prepare students for kindergarten, most learn to read and write in preschool.

   Ambassador Christian Academy is an environment where children feel love, acceptance, and respect. Our Christian environment is flourishing with teachers and staff committed to seeing them succeed in life.

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